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Guam Information

Guam is a U.S. territory and an island in the South Pacific. It is the largest of the Mariana Islands. Population is 173,000 people. Guam's economy is largely based on tourism; there is also a U.S. military base. The capital city is Agana, but most travellers go to Tumon.

The Chamorros, indigenous inhabitants of Guam, had it to themselves until Spanish settlers arrived in 1668. The U.S. came into possession of the island as a result of the Spanish-American War in 1898. Guam was occupied by the Japanese from 1941 to 1944, during the Second World War. After the war's conclusion in 1945, Sergeant Yokoi, a Japanese soldier, hid in the jungle in the south of Guam until 1972.

Attractions in Guam include sightseeing, historic Spanish architecture and of course pristine beaches. Mount Lamlam is the highest mountain and has panoramic views from its summit.

Tumon Bay is the most popular attraction. Tourists flock to the beaches to enjoy the clear water and a day full of activities. Popular attractions include shopping. The central area of Hotel Row is home to the largest tunnel aquarium in the world, an attraction known as the Daring Sling Shot (riders are strapped into a ball that's shot upward on a wire and brought back down), and the popular Magic on Ice Show at the Sand Castle. Now Tumon is viewed by some as a "mini-Waikiki", with Hawaiian style fire dances. There are also many Guamanian shows available. The beaches in Tumon are all wildfile preserves. Fishing is allowed in certain areas, but fishermen must stand on the beach to cast their nets or fishing lines. Walking into the water to fish is illegal.

Merizo Pier Park is a protected recreational area popular for water sports. The Merizo Water Festival is held there each year.

Fort Nuestra Senora de la Soledad is a historic fort, built in the early 19th century to guard against Spanish galleons or English pirates.

Cocos Island is a 100 acre island resort, featuring quiet beaches, jetskiing, snorkeling and windsurfing.

Yokoi's Cave was the hiding place of Sergeant Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese soldier who, not realising Japan had surrendered, hid in a man-made cave in the jungle, until he was discovered in 1972.

Talofofo Bay Beack Park is popular with surfers.

The War In The Pacific National Historical Park contains former battlefields, gun emplacements, trenches, and historic structures that all serve as silent reminders of the bloody World War II battles that ensued on Guam. While the park is known for its historical resources, the warm climate, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters beckon visitors and residents to enjoy the island's natural resources.

South Pacific Memorial Park, in northern Guam, was the site of one of World War II's bloodiest battles. More than half a million Japanese soldiers lost their lives here, as well as many American soldiers and civilians.

Each year,  the Annual Underwater Pumpkin Carving Contest is held at the Guam Tropical Dive Station.

Driving in Guam

Guam has the same road rules as the mainland United States. Driving is fairly simple and similar to the mainland US. Roads are not graded to US standards and are very slippery in rain, take caution. The main route on the island is Marine Corps Drive/Guam Route 1 (Better known as Marine Drive). On main roads in Guam, expect congestion.